Electrical Workers Historical Society Campaign

Be a Part of the IBEW’s History

The renovation, restoration and maintenance of the house is expected to cost approximately $6 million and is being funded through donations to the Electrical Workers Historical Society, a nonprofit that has filed for tax exempt status. Beginning at the $100 giving level, donors may receive gifts, many of which are customizable and will decorate Founders’ Park. Gifts include bricks, paver stones, commemorative plaques and benches, and even museum wings. All donors will receive a certificate of acknowledgement watermarked with an image of the Miller home.

NOTE: The IRS has determined that the Electrical Workers Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. The effective date of the exemption is October 2, 2015. Donors can deduct contributions to the Society made after that date. Consult your tax professional with any questions regarding your donation.


Click on the links below for donation examples!

Individual Contributions

$25 Donation - Certificate (check out the big ole lineman paws on that kid! He's like a lion cub;)

A certificate of appreciation watermarked with an architectural sketch of the National Brotherhood of Electrical Workers of America – Henry Miller Boarding House museum.

$30 Donation - Museum T-Shirt

100% Union-made in teh U.S.A T-Shirt with an image of our Founding Fathers!  Shirts are available in all sizes up to 4x and in the following colors (click for image): Khaki, Navy, Line Green, Slate-Blue, and Charcoal.                     

$100 Donation - Cast metal coin
$250 Donation - Copper cast coin
$500 Donation - Silver coin

Coin examples -> HERE

The Electrical Workers Historical Society is casting commemorative coins with an image of the boarding house on one side and the original, hand-drawn, National Brotherhood of Electrical Workers of America emblem on the other!

Individual and Local Union Contributions

$1,000 Donation - 8 x 8" Personalized & Customized Brick

Have a brick personalized to commemorate your family or your local union. The bricks will be located in Founder’s Park.

$5,000 Donation - 24 x 24" Personalized & Customized Paver

Stone pavers will be placed throughout the courtyard. These stone pavers will stand out, as will your message, which will be displayed proudly.

Pavers and Bricks installed already placed in Founders Park!

$5,000 Donation - Founders Park Antique Street Light

Antique street lights manufactured by our Brothers and Sisters from IBEW Local Union 1710 in El Monte, Califorinia will illuminate Founders Park and will feature a prominent dedication plaque commemorating the donor.

Premium Contributions

$10,000 Donation - Custom Stainless Steel fence emblem

$10,000 Donation - Brick and Stone Column with Medallion - see this chart for availability (Please note: chart may not be 100% accurate).

NOTE: The Society has opened up the back of the columns. Column medallions are now available facing into Founders Park.

The fence around the property will be a prime spot to show off your local’s dedication and support for the history of the IBEW. Brick and stone columns will display your Local Union on a carved stone medallion. Here is a short video of one of the columns!

$25,000 Donation - Customized Granite Bench

Local Unions may dedicate a granite bench for courtyard visitors - here is an example from IBEW Local 15

$50,000 Donation  - NBEW 4 x 4' Stone Emblem or IBEW 4 x 4' Stone Emblem - None Available

Your local union may sponsor the NBEW’s first hand-drawn emblem or the familiar contemporary IBEW logo.

$50,000 Donation  - Founders Park Entry Archway

Visitors to the park will transition under a decorative iron framework adorned with your Local Union dedication - To see the full frontal elevation - see this drawing (opens in a new page)!

$75,000 Donation - Founding Fathers Statues on a Pole - None available

There will be 10 resin lineman statues atop poles, representing each of the founding fathers bordering Founder’s Courtyard. Each pole will be identified with a founding father’s name and the local union that sponsored it.

$75,000 Donation - Eternal Flame Sponsored - IBEW Local 134

At the center of Founders Park will be a natural gas torch, illuminated for special events - IBEW Forever!

$75,000 Donation - Main Entry Archway Sponsored - IBEW Local 702

Bridging the entryway to our new museum will be a large iron archway adorned with our insignia and a dedication plaque featuring your Local Union (IBEW Local 702 Dedication Plaque)!!

$100,000 Donation - Museum Floor Sponsor

The following Local Unions have allocated thier contributions as follows:

  • Henry's room: IBEW Local 22, Omaha, Nebraska 
  • John Greb's Saloon: IBEW Local 47, Riverside, California  (Donation plaques on the Saloon barrels)
  • Museum First Floor: IBEW Local 21, Downers Grove, Illinois (Donation Plaque)
  • State-of-the-art elevator: IBEW Local 3, New York, New York

$100,000 Donation levels remaining:

  1. JT Kelly's printing office: In 1893 JT Kelly would first published THE ELECTRICAL WORKER Journal at #14 Emilie in Downtown St. Louis. Adjacent to our Founding Fathers bedroom the Society plans to recreate JT Kelly's first publishing office. 
  2. Third Level Labor Library: The top level is being allocated as a solemn place to reseach our history (Please note -  this section will not be complete in time for our 125th birthday)

We offer our sincerest gratitude for your donation in any amount. Your support has repeatedly played a key role in the success and long term survival of the IBEW. 

Please use the donations forms below where appropriate and submit via email ( or fax (314-647-1358) attn: Electrical Workers Historical Society:

Brick with IBEW logo
Brick without IBEW logo
Paver with IBEW Logo
Paver without IBEW logo
Bench with IBEW logo
Bench without IBEW logo

Board of Directors,
Electrical Workers Historical Society 

Henry Miller Museum Progress - August 1, 2016