The apps above are available for free in both the Apple and Google Play Stores!

PLEASE NOTE - The Periscope "handle" listed in this article is for the St Louis Henry Miller Boarding House / National Brotherhood of Electrical Workers of America Museum. Please do not confuse this account with the IBEW Museum in Washington, D.C.

Brothers and Sisters,

    Want a live update of our progress everyday? Great! We will be streaming live on both PERISCOPE and MEERKAT (Everyday on Periscope, occasionally on Meerkat); Don't worry, these apps are FREE. Download the Periscope app on your smartphone now to join us everyday for live-stream video updates from the Henry Miller Boarding House Museum project. It's EASY, but you must have a twitter account for Periscope to work (Twitter developed Periscope). If you want to be alerted when we stream live then be sure to accept PUSH notifications from Periscope when you are prompted during the installation process. Once you're all set up all you need to do next is find our stream. To do that simply open Periscope, search for @IBEWmuseum, press follow, and you're done! The next time we start a live stream your phone will prompt you to watch! Too busy to watch? No problem, the videos are archived for 24 hours on our account before they disappear so you have plenty of time for replays. And now for the best part: If you tune in you can text us messages that scroll up the screen in real time. If we see your Local Union number we may give you a shout out! Ask us a question about the project while we are live and we will do our best to answer you! Please participate and get your friends to join in! This is only going to get more exciting as the convention draws near!

If we are blowing your mind with all this don't worry, the developers at Periscope have a great support page HERE with answers to almost every question about their streaming application. 


We will be streaming live once a week on Meerkat - let us know which platform you prefer and we can increase the frequency of our streams!

360 Degree Images

 The Electrical Workers Historical Society has a 360 degree Ricoh Theta camera and has posted some images from the project here Give them a spin! Remember when you are enjoying these images - this building was 30 years old when Henry lived there in 1891!

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